How to split and join strings in JavaScript?

June 12, 2020 - 2 min read

The split() method splits a large string into an array of strings and the join() method joins an array of elements into a string.

split method

const str = "How are you ?";

Let's say you have a string like this. Let's separate this string using the split string method.

The split method takes a separator as an argument.

const str = "How are you ?";

str.split(" "); // Result: ["How","are","you","?"]
  • The split method separates the strings when it encounters the separating string, in this case, a blank space.
  • It returns an array of strings.
  • This is a string only method.

join method

const nameArray = ["John", "Helen", "Roy", "Lily"];

The elements of nameArray can be joined using the join method.

const nameArray = ["John", "Helen", "Roy", "Lily"];
nameArray.join(); // Result: John,Helen,Roy,Lily
  • If nothing is provided as an argument into the join method, it uses , (comma) as the default separator.
  • It returns a string.
  • This is an array only method.

Let's now use - as a separator in the join method and see the result.

const nameArray = ["John", "Helen", "Roy", "Lily"];
nameArray.join("-"); // Result: John-Helen-Roy-Lily

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