How to round decimals numbers in JavaScript?

June 11, 2020 - 1 min read

Decimal numbers can be rounded using the toFixed() function.

Let's say you have a decimal number like this.

const number = 467.8945645672283838;

You can round the number to 2 decimal places by providing 2 as the argument to toFixed function.

const number = 467.8945645672283838;
number.toFixed(2); // 467.89 - Only 2 numbers after decimal point is returned.
  • Argument 2 passed to toFixed function is optional.

  • If you don't give the toFixed() function any argument, only the integer part of the number is returned without the decimal part.

const number = 467.8945645672283838;
number.toFixed(); // 467 - No decimal part

Important Note:

  • The toFixed function always returns string type and not a number type.
  • You may need to convert it to a number type before you can do some numerical calculation with it.
  • A string can be converted to a number using Number() function.
const number = 467.8945645672283838;
const roundedNumberString = number.toFixed(2); // returns string type
const roundedNumber = Number(roundedNumberString); // converted to number type

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