How to insert an item into an array at a specific index in JavaScript?

November 19, 2020 - 2 min read

To insert an item or element to a specific index in an array, you can use the splice() array method in JavaScript.

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Most of the time we may be using the splice() method to remove an item from a specific position in an array. To know more about it, check out Removing items from an array using the splice() method →.

Consider this array of names,

// names array
const namesArr = ["Jon", "Roy", "Riya"];

Let's say we need to need to insert the name Rony at index position 1 after Jon's name.

We can do that with the help of the splice() method by passing 3 arguments to the method:

  • The first argument is the index position you want the item to be inserted.
  • The second argument being the number of elements to be deleted starting from the index position, in our case we don't want anything to be deleted so we will pass 0 as the second argument.
  • And the third argument is the item, in our case Rony.

So let's code that in JavaScript,

// names array
const namesArr = ["Jon", "Roy", "Riya"];

// name to add
const nameToAdd = "Rony";


Using the splice() array method
to add an item at index position 1 🌟

Argument 1: The index position to add item

Argument 2: No. of items to delete starting from the index position, 
            In our case 0 items to delete

Argument 3: The item to add

namesArr.splice(1, 0, nameToAdd);

console.log(namesArr); // ["Jon", "Rony", "Roy", "Riya"]

Yes!! We have successfully inserted our item Rony at index position 1 🌟.

See this example live in JSBin.

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