Different ways to create objects in JavaScript

June 16, 2020 - 2 min read

Objects are a way of holding related data and code.

Using Objects literals

Objects can be created using literals.

To create an object literal define a variable and assign it with curly braces {}.

// object literal
const Person = {};

You can also add properties and functions to the Person object.

Let's add name property and sayHello function to the Person object.

const Person = {
  name: "John",
  sayHello: function () {
    console.log("Hey, How are you?");

Using Constructor Functions

Objects can be created using constructor functions.

// constructor function
const Person = function () {
  name = this.name;
  age = this.age;

Here we have a function called Person, these are called constructor functions.

Now let's make an object from this constructor function.

const Person = function (name, age) {
  name = this.name;
  age = this.age;

// making object from constructor function
const John = new Person("John", "23"); // Result: { name: "John", age: "23"}

const Lily = new Person("Lily", "20"); // Result: {name: "Lily", age: "20"}
  • To create new objects from a constructor function we have to use the new keyword followed by the constructor function name.
  • Constructor functions are the blueprint on how to make an object
  • Names of constructor function start with a capital letter, in this case, Person.
  • Constructor functions accept parameters to make objects with data, in our case we have parameters name and age which is then assigned to name and age variables inside the function.
  • The this keyword refers to the created object itself. In our case, we made objects John and Lily.

The Object() constructor

We can create objects using Object() constructor function.

// using Object()
const John = new Object({
  name: "John",
  age: "23",

// Result: {name: "John", age: "23"}
  • If it is not provided with any parameters it creates an empty object.

The create() method

Let's say you want to create another object from our John Object.

Here we can use the create() method available on the Object.

const anotherPerson = Object.create(John);

Now we have all the properties and methods which were available to John Object in our new object.

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