Getting started with contributing to open source projects

June 28, 2020 - 3 min read

I have always loved open source since I started learning web development. Every one of us uses open source products, libraries directly or indirectly and even big companies rely on it for their huge successes.

JavaScript language itself is known for introducing an explosion in several open-source libraries.

I started contributing to open source projects 2 years back and from there I haven't stopped contributing to open source.

GitHub is one of the platforms where huge open-source projects and discussions are conducted. There are many other platforms like Stack Overflow etc.

How can I start contributing to Open source?

Well, if you know Github and working with Git technologies, It's easy to get started.

If you like a library you are using to build projects in your daily life. Try contributing to that library since you already have some familiarity with the library.

For example, If you love React.js ( Framework for creating web application), Go to their Github project and look for bugs in issues section or if you have a new idea you can even make a pull request to discuss your concept. No need to shy away from asking questions. Every open source communities are welcoming and friendly .

For everybody those who are getting started. There will be issues listed as a good first issue or good first contribution.

Mozilla has been encouraging open source activities for a long time, they even have one website called Codetribute to help beginners get started with open source contribution. I use this website most of the time.

There another one called CodeTriage and a lot more sites.

What are the benefits?

A lot !!!

  • Its fun and Your programming life go to a whole new level .

  • You can become a better programmer and learn many practical usages and cases by contributing to open source projects. 戊

  • You can connect with many great developers from around the world and become part of the community.

  • If you contribute to open source you can get swags and goodies , check out this website for upcoming open source events for goodies DevSwag.

  • contributing to open source projects adds a great value to your resume too as it shows the recruiter that you are an eligible candidate.


There's a website called Mozillians where you can get vouched and recognized by other Mozilla members if you actively contribute to Mozilla Foundation projects.

After contributing to a Mozilla project ask the member you were working with kindly to vouch for the contribution you made in the project in your Mozillian profile.

Feel free to share if you found this useful .