How to check if the browser supports picture-in-picture mode using JavaScript?

March 1, 2021 - 1 min read

To check if a browser supports picture-in-picture mode, you can use the pictureInPictureEnabled property in the global document object in JavaScript.

Picture-in-picture mode is a modern feature in browsers where the user will be able to play a video in an inset window (or a small separate window) even if the user is working on some other programs.

This is how you can check for the availability,

// Check if browser supports picture-in-picture mode
const doesitSupport = document.pictureInPictureEnabled;

console.log(doesitSupport); // true
  • The property returns a boolean true if it supports picture-in-picture mode and false if not

  • The pictureInPictureEnabled is still in a progress state at the time of the writing of this blog. Be sure to check the pictureInPictureEnabled compatibility table in

See the above code live in JSBin.

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