How to change the ownership of the file asynchronously in Node.js?

April 6, 2021 - 2 min read

To change the ownership of a file asynchronously, you can use the chown() method from the fs (filesystem) module in Node.js.

Let's say I have a file called myFile.txt and want to change the owner from me to another user called Roy.

For example,

  • The user Roy has the user-id (or uid) of 512
  • and the id of the group (or gid) to set ownership is 1000.

So it can be done like this,

// require fs module
const fs = require("fs");

// Change ownership of file
fs.chown("./myFile.txt", 512, 1000, (error) => {
  // in case of any error
  if (error) {

  // otherwise show success message that ownership is changed
  console.log("Ownership of file has changed!");

The fs.chown() asynchronous method accepts 4 arguments:

  • The first one is the path to the file.
  • The second one is the user-id (or uid) of the user that needs to have ownership of the file.
  • The third one is the group-id (or gid) that needs to have ownership of the file.
  • The fourth argument is an error first callback function which will get executed after successfully changing the ownership of the file.

See the above code live in

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